Terms of Use of TYPO3 Test Version 6.2

Terms of Use

  • The use of the TYPO3 test web site is free and without any further obligation.
  • The TYPO3 test web site is offered as a service at no charge for which the provider does not guarantee in any way.
  • The users theirselfes are responsible for the content they entered and assure that they do not enter content that does violate the honour of, revile or offend other persons, is pornographic or glorifies violence or does violate any applicable law.
  • In case the user recognizes, that through an unexpected interference another user edits the same page, he or she will not open or edit this page.
  • The users are aware that the data they entered will be deleted automatically. Currently the deletion takes place daily, but also another interval may be used.
  • If the users want to continue editing the test web site on another day, they have to generate new access data. They are not allowed to use the previous access data.
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