This effect of sliding images (on the left) can be achieved through the TYPO3 extension "imagecycle".

Here you can see:

The various modules in the backend of TYPO3: the versatile list view, the clear page view, the file list, the module to edit your personal settings and the local TYPO3 help.

TYPO3-Test – the trainingground for TYPO3 6.2 LTS

On this web site and its sub-domains we offer TYPO3-users and other interested persons an easy opportunity to test TYPO3 CMS in its longterm version (LTS) 6.2. You will get to know this version of TYPO3 and you can practice the functions presented in our TYPO3 videos.

The pages and contents are largely identical to those shown in the videos, so you can easily follow.

More information is available under the heading details. However, you can also start immediately:

Your access to an individual TYPO3 test web site

To edit a test web site in TYPO3 version 6.2 LTS, please click here to generate your access data.

Please, pay attention to our hints and terms of use.

In the backend you find a web site which you can edit individually. In addition, you have access to the English branch of which serves as an unchangeable reference.

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